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Acrylic Nails Training

Acrylics are very popular. They are a quick fix for those who can’t or won’t grow their nails. They are long lasting, strong and durable if applied correctly. Nail technicians all over the world have applied millions of hands worth of acrylic nail tips and find that those who do a good job can make a successful living out of being an acrylic nail technician. It is a skill. It is a fine art form. It takes patience to perfect the application of nail tips and whilst you have opted to attend an intensive fast track course we do expect that you continually practise your skills learned today and update your cpd regularly. Why are acrylic nails so popular? Well acrylic is a liquid monomer and powder polymer system. Mixed together and applied with a brush the products polymerise to produce a solid. The heat from the nail initiates the bonding of the two products to the nail, this results in a strong nail system. Acrylic is a strong system and should be applied in a well ventilated room, the odour can be quite overpowering. If you are working as a mobile therapist ensure a window is open, if you are working in a salon then they must adhere to the health and safety practises set out by the current legislation in terms of ventilation and extraction etc.

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