Baby massage training hull

Baby massage instructor training today in Hessle.
This one day accredited diploma course in Baby Massage requires you to have a body massage diploma already. This course will mean that you can run as part of your business baby massage classes to the public as long as you have the proper level of insurance.
What better way to bond with your infant child than through touch. A practise that can be traced back for 3000 years. The art of Mother and baby connecting with each other through massage has been in use since the Qing dynasty of China, in the 1600’s, and in ancient India through ayurvedic medicine, spreading around the globe to areas such as Africa and the former Soviet Union. Currently Mothers in Southern Asian countries use its’ benefits to promote bone structure, healthy weight gain and limb coordination.
During the past 30 years, however, we have become more aware of the traditional methods for treating the body and relaxing our minds. And as time has gone by we have sought newer and older ways of incorporating massage into our daily lives. Once established that massage has had benefits to our own bodies we have reached out and extended the calming and healing nature of this ancient practice to others around us and now even our own infant children in the hope that the ‘feel good’ factor of this art can be experienced by all.
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