Crystal, Gua Sha and Roller Facials

gua sha facial Image: Copyright to S Boczko-Eyre

Love Crystals? Love Gua Sha?, what a diploma we have for you.  This is one for the true holistic practitioner who enjoys working with crystals or being around them.

Now you can put them into your facial treatments in so many ways.  Beauty therapists will enjoy this as it will add another skill to their treatment list that makes their beauty facials so beneficial both by the use of  their specialist products but by inducing the holistic aspect of healing and relaxation via the crystals.

What could be better that using the beautiful power of natural crystals during a facial?  This course will teach you the benefits of a specially selected group of crystals used to promote full body health but also help with skin issues :


Orange Calcite

Rose Quartz

Clear Quarts







Gua Sha Stone, This is an ancient Chinese practice to take a small smooth flat tool to scrape along the face to relieve muscle tension, pain and help reduce puffiness.  It also helps to relieve and promote blockages and lymphatic drainage.  It also gives skin a radiant glow.  Gua = Shape, Heart shapes helps the stone get into more intricate areas.

Crystal Rollers

This is one day accredited diploma course.   You will learn placement of the crystals during the facial on or around your client in the form of grids, you will use the crystals in the application of the products.  We will cover how to pick your crystals and cleanse the in-between each use to not only sterilise them but recharge them too.

All of the stones used are polished, they can be shaped or tumble stones of around 2-3 cm.   We use two of each.

The jade and rose quartz rollers often come in packs with a Gua Sha stone of the same wonderful material.


Course content:

Full practical demonstration and guidance throughout the day, learn the application or cleanser, exfoliator, hot towels as a steaming aid, mask, toner and moisturiser. Deliver a massage to the neck and shoulders, and also thoroughly massage the face.

Using all the crystals mentioned within the description to deliver a healing holistic facial.

Health and Safety at Work Law, Sterilisation and Hygiene in the salon

Data Protection, Where to buy products and the different skin types

Anatomy and Physiology relating to the course you are studying

Consultation process and an example of the consultation card.

Contra-indications and how to recognise them, Contra-actions

Licensing requirements if required. Professionalism/ Code of Ethics

Local Bylaws that may affect your business e.g. treating minors.

Where to obtain insurance and details of professional associations.

Entry Requirement & Prerequisites

Facial Diploma

Course duration & CPD

1 Day, 10 CPD

Assessment and Examination Method

There will be continuous formative assessments taking place during your training day and you will be expected to answer verbal questions and perform a Holistic Beauty Facial Treatment with minimal direction from your tutor.

Course Investment


Deposit: £60
Amount due 2 weeks prior to training: £95


Practitioner Level Diploma

Insurance Cover

This course is NOT accredited via BeautyGuild.


Image: Copyright to S Boczko-Eyre


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