Crystal Therapy Diploma

Crystal Therapy – Home Study with one day practical training

Crystal healing is the belief that crystals have energies and properties that are able to improve health. Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.

Crystals can be used on the body in several ways. Crystal Therapists determine where blockages of energy in the body’s aura are located and then place a particular crystal on specific parts of the body. Crystals can be used in conjunction with the seven chakras for chakra balancing. By using the appropriate crystals a therapist can return an energy system or rebalance a body’s energies, thus improving well being. Different types and colours of healing crystals are promoted to have different healing powers.

For example, amethyst is thought to calm the mind and uplift the spirit, sapphires are thought to help hearing and mental clarity, and rubies are thought to cleanse the blood and foster courage. Each one is chosen based on the individual’s needs and energy fields. Crystal Healing can be used effectively and safely on its own or in conjunction with other therapies for example Colour Therapy or Reiki.

Course content

  1. Introduction and History
  2. Crystals and the Chakras
  3. Subtle bodies, chakras and meridians
  4. Crystals and Colours
  5. Crystals and their Uses and Types
  6. Cleansing Crystals
  7. Recharging and Programming Crystals
  8. Crystal Nets and Grids
  9. Consultation and Preparation
  10. Final Exam to do at home
  11. Instructions to prepare for your one day practical assessment

Entry Requirement & Prerequisites


Course duration & CPD

11 units home study, one practical assessment & 44 CPD points – you have one year to complete this diploma.

Assessment and Examination Method

There will be continuous formative assessments taking place via email at the end of every single unit. Plus one practical assessment.

Course Investment


Insurance Cover

Once you complete this training you will be entitled to gain insurance. All courses at Inspire Therapy Training are accredited and recognised by industry professionals. Visit our accreditation page for details. The practical assessment for this diploma is in East Yorkshire or Cornwall only. Please be prepared to travel to Hull or Cornwall for this day. ALternatively, check with your own therapy insurance to see if they will cover a home study diploma with no practical element. If it does then your diploma can be altered so that you can do the assessments via case studies. See image below to see the accrediting bodies we have chosen for this diploma.

Please note: You will be sent unit one and unit two first of all. Please send in your completed unit 1 as soon as it is complete. You then have unit two to be working on. When we send you unit 1 feedback we will attach unit 3. This will continue as long as the time allowed permits. We will stop sending work once the allocated time is up. You are purchasing a tutor led diploma with guidance and support via email. You are not purchasing 10 units of Crystal Therapy, nor will you receive the outstanding units once your time is lapsed. If you require additional time to complete this diploma then this can be negotiated in line with the terms and conditions

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