How to Book & FAQs

How to Book and Invest in your future with Inspire Therapy Training?

1.Click on "Contact a tutor and book" - this will bring up a page with all our tutors contact details on & a list of their venues.

2. Contact that tutor and discuss potential dates for training.  Once you have decided on a mutually agreeable date then come back to the website an onto their bookings page.

3.Once you find your tutor on "Contact a tutor & Book" click on their photo - this will take you to their bookings page.

4.Scroll to the course you want.

5. Click to add to cart, you then can either carry on shopping to add more courses or go to the check out.  Then follow the on screen instructions to pay via PayPal the deposit. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your training date.

6.You follow the PayPal instructions to pay. You DO NOT need a PayPal account, just a credit or debit card.

7.Once the payment is received you will get an email from Head Office, this will welcome you to our training school and give you some brief details. Please read this carefully as a reply is required. It will also have an attachment word document entitled "booking form & training agreement" this is for you to complete and return to Head Office within two days of booking.  You will also receive a Core Manual with essential anatomy and physiology and COVID information and lastly your post training questions and evaluation.

8.Shortly after you will receive the following:

a)A more comprehensive email from your tutor, please read this carefully as a reply is required. It also included details of how to pay the balance which is due 2 weeks prior to the training day.  A core manual which you are required to read prior to your training day.

b)Your tutor will provide you a copy of your course manual on the day of training;

Once trained you need to return home to complete the post training questions and evaluation and  email that to your tutor.  Once it is assessed they will let head office know and your certificate will be released.

9.Enjoy your training with the UK winners of the 2013 and 2011 Best Training School in the Guild Awards of Excellence!

Any queries please contact us.

Please note that if you are booking a course less than 48 hours before the training day you need to contact us first to check if there are places left.

Does the Inspire Diploma allow me to get insurance so that I can practise?

Yes, absolutely, the Inspire Diplomas have been accredited by a variety of external agencies - check each course page to see which accreditation we have used.  Also see our ACCREDITATION and INSURANCE page, they are all leading industry associations. They have given us the ability to teach students these courses to practitioner level. On each of our courses the tutor will give you information on where to get good insurance. You will have no trouble finding insurance with our Diplomas within the UK.

If you are planning on working outside of the UK you need to check with country you are travelling too and find out their minimum requirements for working within the industry there.

What about the Reiki Degrees? Will I get insurance with my certificates?

Yes, insurance companies recognize the Reiki qualification as proof that you have been attuned to that level of Reiki. At the moment there is no requirement for Reiki courses to be accredited. If you want to join a Reiki Association they may ask to see the lineage so make sure you take good care of your course manuals.

What if I need a duplicate or replacement certificate ?

Certificates can be replaced.  There is a fee of £30 per certificate to cover the cost of reprinting, postage and searching for the student database for information.  Payment is made at the time or ordering your certificate.  Certificates will say "duplicate" on them.  This is for all certificates both massage, holistic and reiki.

Are your Diplomas enough to get me a job?

Yes. Many owners of salons, spas, nail businesses send their staff out on one day intensive courses for their training. You also have the opportunity to be self employed and offer your newly acquired skills as a mobile therapist to friends, families, work mates, doing pamper evenings etc. On the training day you will receive a wealth of information from your tutor.  If you have a job in mind then please discuss the training requirements with a future employer prior to booking.

Why should I pick Inspire over another training provider?

Inspire will help you gain membership to professional associations, to gain insurance and we will provide continuing support. Our tutors are fully qualified, highly experienced, they are fully insured and members of professional associations. They are knowledgeable in all areas of the therapy business and can give you ideas for marketing and advice on starting out. The tutors at Inspire are qualified to degree level or above, they are teacher trained via PGCE, City and Guilds, GTP etc and hold assessors and verifiers awards, you can guarantee you will get top quality training from patient intuitive tutors. Our tutors will accommodate all students and their abilities and are highly encouraging, motivating and have a passion and drive for their subject.  Enrol with us today and join the masses of students who have studied with Inspire.

For a full list of reasons to invest in Inspire read here. 

Why are your courses are only a few days long, why is this preferable to the long college route?

Inspire Therapy Training provides a fast-track system of training in small groups of students, who really want to learn, this speeds things up considerably. Although we cover the essential theory most of the training is practical. At home you are expected to undertake further study and do lots more practice, which you would otherwise do during your college time.  At Inspire you get one to one tuition and you will be on a course of no more than four students.   Of course it is up to your aptitude for learning. Fast Track Accredited Courses are giving people the opportunity to work in a place they would like to work, but not many people can take the time off work to do the long college route, we are in effect really helping those who have a passion for therapies but situations constrain them.   Inspire over the years have trained lots and lots of students who have gone on to become successful therapists and business people and we are proud to have trained them all.

How much is practical application?

The full day is taken up with primarily demonstrations and practise. You will give and receive the therapy, so you know how it feels and also learn how to give it professionally and successfully and safely.

What time do the courses start and finish?

Start and finish times vary depending on the course you attend and its location and numbers. Classes can and do finish earlier depending on size, odd or even student numbers and other factors. If you have a problem with the time the course starts please let us know and we can see what we can do to accommodate this factor.   Some tutors are now delivering the theory part of the day via zoom at a pre arranged time.  Due to COVID-19 it is important to reduce contact time.  This is one way we are putting all measures into place for all our safety.    Therefore your hands on practical training wont last the full day.

What happens if after my course I forget a few things?

We offer all of our students help via email or telephone after our courses.  If your tutor passes you on the day then well done!  You can join the other students who have graduated through Inspire and have very good careers.  If on the day you are not passed, please discuss this privately with your tutor and refer to the terms and conditions with regards to additional opportunities for training.  Please be aware that to keep standards impecably high Inspire do thoroughly assess each student.

However we do pride ourselves on being available even once you have qualified so that we can help you in any way possible.  Aftercare support is so important.

What should I wear; do I need a Therapy Uniform?

No, you do not need to invest in any special uniform. Your clothes should be comfortable and not restricting movement. Preferably with short sleeves or sleeves you can roll up. Please do not bring excessive jewelry on your course, please try to leave this at home, and also bring something to tie your hair back. Your nails should be clean, tidy and short. Please do not turn up with long acrylic nails for any massage or facial diploma unless you are prepared to remove them!  You will receive more information in your welcoming email when you book about the requirements of the course you choose.

Do we get the diploma on the day?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are trying to reduce the amount of paperwork used on the day.  So once you have completed your practical training, complete the question assessment at home and the evaluation and email it to your tutor.  They will then assess it and a successful assessment will release your certificate.  This will be sent to you in the post.

What do you do if a tutor is ill and has to cancel the course?

This event is highly unlikely; however our tutors are only human like everyone else and can become ill. But in this unlikely event we will transfer you onto the next course at no extra charge, if you cannot make the alternative date then we will try to pick a date we can train you one to one.   Please refer to terms and conditions.

What happens if I have to cancel the course?

Please see the terms and conditions - it is important that you do this. All deposits and course balances are non refundable and non exchangeable.

What if I am late for a course?

If you know you are running a little late due to traffic then please contact your tutor and inform them their contact details will be on the confirmation email they send out when you book.  Each person on the course is required to complete their hours of practical tuition so anyone who turns up more than 30 minutes into the start of the course cannot join in and the class will not be held up to wait for you.  Please allow time for your journey.

What if I have a complaint about my tutor or training?

If you have a complaint then this must be referred to Inspire Head Office.  They shall deal with it then appropriately based on the information you provide.  You also get the opportunity to complete a student evaluation form once your training is complete. Please refer to terms and conditions about this.

What if I do not have PayPal ?

First of all you do not need a PayPal account to pay online; you just need a debit or a credit card.  If you do not want to pay online we can arrange for you to send a cheque.  The cheque must arrive within two weeks of the course date so it has plenty of time to be cleared. Please contact us via email if this is how you would like to pay for your courses.  All payments must be received prior to the training. This is not negotiable unless you are receiving funding from an external agency.