Lash and brow tint and brow shape

I’ve been working with @vickimarie_aestheticsandbeauty and her model Charlotte today doing lash and brow tinting and brow waxing. Charlotte was asked not to touch her brows from the point Vicki booked the course. We are glad she didn’t!!
Vicki did brilliantly.
Lashes: People with naturally fair eye lashes and eye brows benefit from lash tinting and this is often an option over and above using make up. The colour gained from tinting the lashes and brows helps to highlight and define the eyes, giving the client confidence in their appearance, and the effects can last up to 8 weeks. The colour is permanent and unlike make up does not smudge or streak.
Brows: The brows frame the face and add definition to eyes. This procedure is very simple to eye lash tinting however you must take care with the timing of the tint as the hairs on the brows absorb colour faster than the hair on the lashes.
Shaping:  Shaping the brows emphasises the eyes and helps to remove the excess eye brow hair, the skin them becomes smoother and makes make up easier to apply. This also makes blending eye shadow much easier and most clients find it more comfortable than doing it themselves at home.
This course is available at nationwide venues.
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