Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent Facial

Available Somerset with Katie and Sarah

Facial Microcurrent Treatments help with:

Fine lines and wrinkles , Deep Furrows , Dehydration/Dryness , Muscle Tone , Skin Complexion, Skin Elasticity


There are many factors of why we age: alcohol, drugs, smoking, sunlight, pollution and lifestyle all effect our cells, therefore effect our skin. As we get older we start to see fine lines, dehydration, wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of tone in our face and neck.

As we age, our collagen and elastin fibres naturally start to break down, this causes our skins elasticity to wane.

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco can dehydrate the skin cells, weaken the capillary walls, thin the skin and affect healthy cell turnover and growth.

When sunbathing free radicals can damage the skin and its cells causing wrinkles, pigmentation and dehydration.

With rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to adjust which causes premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Stress causes a fight and flight response in the body and effects the health of our cells causing premature ageing.

Course content:

Full practical demonstration and guidance throughout the day,

There are usually between 2 different techniques used within a Microcurrent Facial.

  1. Gliding/Muscle Lifting Mode 2.Feathering/Product Penetration

1.Gliding/Muscle Lifting Mode:

This is perhaps the most important technique in any Microcurrent treatment and must be carried out accurately to obtain the maximum lift of the muscles.

2.Feathering/Product Penetration:

This technique is based on the current propelling substances found in skincare products deep into the skin.

Health and Safety at Work Law,Sterilisation and Hygiene in the salon

Data Protection, Where to buy products and the different skin types

Anatomy and Physiology relating to the course you are studying

Consultation process and an example of the consultation card.

Contra-indications and how to recognise them, Contra-actions

Licensing requirements if required. Professionalism/ Code of Ethics

Local Bylaws that may affect your business e.g. treating minors.

Where to obtain insurance and details of professional associations.

Entry Requirement & Prerequisites


ABT require you to have a FULL BEAUTY NVQ 2.


Course duration & CPD

1 Day, 10 CPD

Assessment and Examination Method

There will be continuous formative assessments taking place during your training day and you will be expected to answer verbal questions and perform a galvanic and high frequency facial with minimal direction from your tutor.

Course Investment


Deposit: £75
Amount due 2 weeks prior to training: £105


Practitioner Level Diploma

Insurance Cover

Once you complete this training you will be entitled to gain insurance. All courses at Inspire Therapy Training are accredited and recognised by industry professionals. View our accreditation page for details. See below for the accrediting bodies we have opted to use for this diploma.


ABT require you to have a FULL BEAUTY NVQ 2.


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