Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan Salt stone massage

Himalayan Salt comes from the salt mines at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan.  It is known to be the purest salt on the planet and as an added bonus it is hand mined so the extractions leave little to no pollution in the process.

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Massage?

    • Provides 84 Minerals to the body
    • Deep relaxation, the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally
    • The heat from the stones is transferred to the body by conduction
    • Stress is reduced, relieving mental and physical fatigue
    • Circulation is improved and muscles have an increased blood supply, improving function
    • Toxins and waste are eliminated more quickly
    • The warmth can relieve pain in muscles and joints
    • Tension in connective tissue is decreased
    • There is a deep comfort of receiving warmth on the body. .
    • The treatment is ten times deeper and the results are said to last ten times longer than traditional techniques
    • Stimulated microcirculation and cell function promotes the rate of tissue repair
    • Vasodilatation occurs, this is the widening of the blood vessels which in turn increases the blood flow around the body flushing out waste products and cleansing internal organs.
    • Pulse rate increases as the heat makes the heart beat faster – if there is any heart disease then this aspect of the thermotherapy must be observed.
    • Lymphatic function increases which will promote internal cleansing and elimination of toxins.
    • Alternating the hot stone helps every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients and encourages a more effective removal of toxins. The use of the therapist’s hands in conjunction with the stones also helps produce a more intensive experience.
    • An excess of positive ions in the body can create inflammation.  Himalaya salt stones can help balance the excess of positive ions with negatives ones to reduce pain and inflammation.


himalayan salt stone massage training

Course content

Full practical demonstration and guidance throughout the day and conducting a full hot stone massage using smooth Himalayan Salt Stones and carrier oil on the back, legs, arm and hands, feet, face and scalp

Health and Safety at Work Law , Sterilisation and Hygiene in the salon

Data Protection, where to source your products

Anatomy and Physiology relating to the course you are studying

Consultation process and an example of the consultation card.

Contra-indications and how to recognise them, Contra-actions, cleansing and recharging stones, Licensing requirements if required. Professionalism/ Code of Ethics

Local Bylaws that may affect your business e.g. treating minors.

Where to obtain insurance and details of professional associations.

Entry Requirement & Prerequisites

Body massage certificate or aromatherapy massage certificate

Course duration & CPD

1 Day – 9 CPD

Assessment and Examination Method

There will be continuous formative assessments takes place during the day while you practise and take information from your tutor. On completion of the training day you will be expected to answer verbal questions and perform a full hot stone massage with minimal direction from your tutor.

Course Investment


Deposit: £60
Amount due 2 weeks prior to training: £95


Accredited Practitioner Level Diploma

Insurance Cover

Once you complete this training you will be entitled to gain insurance. All courses at Inspire Therapy Training are accredited and recognised by industry professionals. Please visit our accreditation page for details. See image below for accrediting bodies we have chosen for this diploma.

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